Buena Vista Lagoon Joint Powers Committee Second draft agenda

Buena Vista Lagoon Joint Powers Committee
Second draft agenda and strategic planning worksheet
DRAFT Meeting Objectives (in priority order)

  1. Clarify the organizational mission, goals, strategies and priority objectives as they presently are authorized.
  2. Develop draft strategic planning document
    • clarify, add to and subtract from Wolf’s compiled document
    • prioritize goals and strategies
    • roughly estimate costs and potential timelines for objectives
    • discuss which are more important to achieve in next 3 years
  3. Determine who is responsible for what objecitves, task force, committees
  4. Set the process whereby the strategic plan will be finalized
    • who does what
    • when the group will meet again

Sample Strategic Plan Summary
This is an example of a summary of a strategic plans goals, strategies and objectives. Someone (with my help) could review past documents and draft a version like this that includes everything that has been approved or thought of in the past. The meeting participants could then use this as a focus for discussion and prioritization, and ultimately for task and committee assignments.


“To create a sustainable Buena Vista Lagoon and Watershed ecosystem through active planning and program management.”

  1. Goal: Improve environmentally sensitive recreational use
    1. Strategy:
  • Improve access and parking
  • Build board walkways, picnic areas, paths and bikepaths
  • Create links to other appropriate recreational uses in watershed
  • Design, fund, and build boardwalk across Lagoon from Carlsbad to Oceanside – possibly coordinate as part of the Coastal Rail Trail Project
  • Goal: Improve lagoon and watershed as wildlife habitat especially for endangered species and as a important migratory stop
    1. Strategy: Increase/protect habitat in and around the lagoon and incoming waterways
    • purchase land/easements on the following properties:
    • gain land owner support for voluntary habitat improvements
    • run a public education program
    • raise funds
    • solve public feeding problem at “Duck Landing” which creates a problem for migrating species of birds (i.e. people feeding local birds – creating nuisance and chasing out migratory species)
    • maintain lagoon as important migratory stop
  1. Strategy: Reduce cattails and exotic species

    • Develop a sustainable control program for cattails
    • Identify the worst exotics and develop a plan to control/eliminate them
    • Arrundo spp. removal upstream
  2. Strategy: Reduce erosion and contamination entering the lagoon and its waterways

    • educate the public about storm drains, pollution, erosion, prevention etc
    • educate contractors about sediment control at construction sites
    • (estimated 2/3rds reduction at these sites)
    • pass storm water through holding ponds, marshes to help clean it
    • reduce/delay stormwater runoff to prevent natural system from being overrun develop detention ponds in all new developments
    • pass a porous driveway and French drain requirement
    • reduce sources of pollutants by xx amount by the end of?
          Objective strategies:
      • encourage and improve opportunities for oil recycling
      • strictly enforce existing laws
      • review erosion control and drainage improvements that have been implemented by the 3 cities in the last 5 years and determine what still needs to be done and set priorities
      • Coordinate mining, reclamation, and future development of South Coast Materials site between Oceanside and Carlsbad
  3. Strategy: Reduce existing contamination and sedimentation in the lagoon

    • design, fund, and construct a new weir at mouth of lagoon to control flooding, decrease sedimentation, increase flushing of pollutants, and possibly create a brackish system in an area of the lagoon
    • encourage ecosystem of plants and animals that will help reduce existing contamination in lagoon.
  • Goal: Create awareness and obtain support for the lagoon with various state and federal agencies and with legislators.