Facilitation and Effective Meetings

The world would be a better place if meetings ran well, accomplished as much as they could, and made participants glad they attended. The keys to accomplishing this are good facilitation and a well-prepared agenda. Just about anyone can learn to do both. To help people run better meetings, KWA makes the materials freely available under a Creative Commons Licence.


A: Definitions
> B-1: How to Enforce Ground Rules
B-2: Sample Ground Rules
> C: Brainstorming
D-1: Consensus Decision Making Model
> D-2: Reaching Consensus: The Final Steps
E: Weighing Exercises
> F: From Positions to Interests
G: Facilitating From the Back of the Room
> H-1: Supermajority Voting – San Joaquin River Stakeholders.
H-2: Supermajority Convention – CA Urban Forestry
> I: Meeting Sign-in Sheet

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