Facilitation and Effective Meetings

The world would be a better place if meetings ran well, accomplished as much as they could, and made participants glad they attended. The keys to accomplishing this are good facilitation and a well-prepared agenda. Most anyone can learn to do both. To help people run better meetings, Wolf and Associates and Kevin Wolf, the author of the material makes the materials freely available under a Creative Commons Licence.


A: Definitions
> B-1: How to Enforce Ground Rules
B-2: Sample Ground Rules
> C: Brainstorming
D-1: Consensus Decision Making Model
> D-2: Reaching Consensus: The Final Steps
E: Weighing Exercises
> F: From Positions to Interests
G: Facilitating From the Back of the Room
> H-1: Supermajority Voting – San Joaquin River Stakeholders.
H-2: Supermajority Convention – CA Urban Forestry
> I: Meeting Sign-in Sheet

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