Strategic Planning: The Strategic Options Method

Having an up-to-date strategic plan of clearly stated principles,  a succinct mission statement, clear goals, prioritized strategies and measurable objectives helps every organization, project and individual be more effective in what they do. The problem is that developing and maintaining a strategic plan is often hard to do and time consuming. So most of organizations and people don’t do it.

With this in mind, Wolf and Associates developed tools and procedures to make strategic planning easier and more efficient. For almost eight years Kevin Wolf  field tested a “strategic options” planning process with numerous organizations and projects. This method significantly increases outside-the-box thinking and reduces board and executive time to prioritize goals and strategies. It can be used in just about any planning process and can built from work done by others.

Because good strategic plans make the world a better place, we are giving away our previous work under the Creative Commons (By-SA) license. Please feel free to use these documents, call us for advice and price quotes, and share with us strategic options documents you create.

Building a Strong Organization – Goals and Strategies Most organizations, especially non-profits have a similar set of strategies that they can pursue to create a sustainable and strong organization. This options document is a start at collecting the many options and organizing them into common strategic categories.

Watershed Planning Strategic Options

Website Strategic Options

Sacramento River Watershed strategic Planning

1999 California Urban Forest Summit

Local Government Strategic Planning

If you are interested in Wolf and Associates helping you to map out a strategic plan for your organization, contact: Kevin Wolf.