Facilitation Training

Not many of us are “born” facilitators. Even those who are benefit from training. The good news is that most of us can become reasonably good facilitators and be much more helpful to any meeting we attend. We just need to learn how.

Kevin Wolf enjoys leading facilitation training workshops. He also wants to encourage other facilitators to become trainers and will share his training techniques and agendas with you. Contact him if you would like to organize or host a training. He provides a discount for non-profit organizations. Below are some training agendas he has used in the past.

Hands On, One-Day Workshop

This workshop can be customized to also advance a key decision a group would like to make. This first example is a generic workshop for participants from different groups. The next example is one that is customized for a specific group who wanted to attempt to both gain the facilitation training and attempt to make some difficult decisions, in the same workshop. Both workshops have opportunities for up to 15 participants to be able to practice facilitating in front of the group over the course of the workshop.

One Hour Workshops

Even an hour workshop can be helpful. The examples below model a one hour meeting in which the participants decide which are the most important elements they would like to learn in the workshop.

Mastering the Challenges to Collaboration – Agenda for a Three Hour Workshop

Designed by: Emilio Williams and Kevin Wolf

Participants learn how to put collaboration theory into practice through an interactive workshop that increases their confidence and motivation to use the skills they learn at this workshop in their personal and professional life.