Tools for Collaboration

Forums, Listservs, and Decision Support Tools


The web is a great advancement over past means of sharing opinions and information. Just about everyone can access the web as easily as they can go to the library or city hall to read hard copy mateiral. The utopia of the Internet is not yet achieved but with open source databases, discussion forums, listservs, design and other software, and the willingness of people aournd the world to collaborate on the improvements in the software, these tools have come of age.

  • Listservs
  • Listserv Groundrules
  • SJRTMDL Listserv Information
  • Davis Manor Neighborhood Council Listserv Information Page

Web Discussion Forums

Online forums provide a way for people to discuss important issues. The content generated in these forums can become an online knowledge base that can be interactively searched. Web forums can be very useful to a strategic planning process or environmental review process. Everything is digital and searchable so that reports are more easily prepared and equal access achieved.

  • Saramento River Watershed Strategic Planning Discussion Forums

Integrating Listservs and Forums with other Web Technologies

Web discussion forums and listservs can be integratred with databases and ‘libraries’ to provide comprehensive frameworks for online collaboration. This arrangement allows for an online work environment where documents can be shared, reviewed, discussed, and archived.

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