Facilitation Manual

The Makings of a Good Meeting

By: Kevin Wolf

A free, downloadable manual.

There is nothing more important to a well-run organization and effective decision making than successful meetings. Most of us know how unproductive meetings can be, yet too few realize that training is needed to make meetings successful. The good news is that anyone can learn the basics and improve the meetings they attend.

Kevin initially wrote this 24-page manual over the course of ten years while conducting facilitation trainings for Friends of the River in the 1980s. He uses the manual to accompany his facilitation training workshops. He is making it available to you, free of charge, because he hopes you will use it to improve the meetings you attend. He believes the world would be a better place if more of the millions of meetings that occur every day in families, businesses, schools, agencies, organizations, non-profits, clubs, and associations were better.

The Makings of a Good Meeting

is available in 3 formats:

         docx             pdf            rtf

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